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Connect No Code Chatbot with WhatsApp

Setup a WhatsApp Chatbot by utilizing our advanced No Code Chatbot Builder that connects you directly with your customer.

Distributed Team Inbox

Let your team collaborate with every member to answer all your customers' queries with a shared team inbox.

Send Bulk WhatsApp Notifications to Customers.

Quickly import your contacts and immediately deliver bulk whatsapp notification to your customers.

Zero Setup Fee and Quick Approval.

No setup fee or any other hidden charges to set your WhatsApp API account for quick WhatsApp API Approval.

Works with Smartphone for Agents

Assist your customers and clients anytime with the help of our mobile devices.

More Reasons to Choose WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API enables you to connect with more than 2 billion users throughout 180 countries in a simple, accurate and quick technique.

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MageComp helped us to set up WhatsApp API for chatbot to answer all the queries and faq answers effortlessly. This enabled our customers to connect with us anytime with the help of WhatsApp. We also noticed an improvement in the customer experience. 

VP of Marketing Mueller and Sons

Our experience with MageComp has been very positive. As they are providing the service at a low cost from others. The customer support was quick and the service is very reliable so far. We hope the service will be continued further.


COO Bednar-Weissnat

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